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With EZ Rack Builder, you can build your ribbon and medal racks in just a few easy steps. Simply select your awards and your rack will be built in perfect order of precedence. Our professional builders will then assemble your rack and have it shipped straight to you, ready-to-wear.


Ribbon Racks

  • Thin Ribbon Rack

    Thin Ribbons

    Thin Ribbons are a light weight alternative to standard military ribbons. Build your own perfect thin ribbon rack with the EZ Rack Builder.

  • Standard Ribbon Rack

    Standard Ribbons

    Standard Ribbons can be slid on to metal racks or displayed on their own. Buy your Standard Ribbons seperately or easily build a full rack with EZ Rack Builder.

  • Tiny Ribbon Rack

    Tiny Ribbons

    Tiny Ribbons are miniature sized versions of your full sized ribbon rack. They're perfect for displaying on hats, shirts, and jackets. Build your own tiny ribbon rack with EZ Rack Builder.

  • Sticky Ribbon Rack

    Sticky Racks

    Our Sticky Racks are vinyl sticker versions of your full sized ribbon rack. Stick yours on a vehicle, window or coffee mug. Build your own sticky rack with EZ Rack Builder.

Medal Racks

  • Standard Medal Rack

    Standard Medals

    Standard Medals are the official full-size medal presented to military personnel when an award is received. You can easily build your Standard Medal rack with our exclusive EZ Rack Builder.

  • Anodized Medal Rack

    Anodized Medals

    Anodized Medals are identical to Standard Medals, but are made with a special finish to render them more glossy and gold. Build your own set of Anodized Medals with EZ Rack Builder

  • Miniature Medals

    Miniature Medals

    Miniature Medals are smaller versions of Standard Medals, with slight variance in proportionality. This version comes in a standard finish, which you can build now with Ez Rack Builder

  • Miniature Anodized Medals

    Miniature Anodized

    These Miniature Anodized Medals are the Standard Miniature Medals counterpart. They come with a finish to render them glossy and gold. Build your own set with EZ Rack Builder

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