Military Medal Collage

Military Medals

Browse our complete collection of Institute of Heraldry approved Military Medals with a full library of awards from World War 2 to present day. Including complete collections for the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and National Guard.

  • Standard Medal Rack

    Standard Medals

    Standard Medals are the official full-size medal presented to military personnel when an award is received. You can easily build your Standard Medal rack with our exclusive EZ Rack Builder.

  • Anodized Medal Rack

    Anodized Medals

    Anodized Medals are identical to Standard Medals, but are made with a special finish to render them more glossy and gold. Build your own set of Anodized Medals with EZ Rack Builder

  • Miniature Medals

    Miniature Medals

    Miniature Medals are smaller versions of Standard Medals, with slight variance in proportionality. This version comes in a standard finish, which you can build now with Ez Rack Builder

  • Miniature Anodized Medals

    Miniature Anodized

    These Miniature Anodized Medals are the Standard Miniature Medals counterpart. They come with a finish to render them glossy and gold. Build your own set with EZ Rack Builder